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It’s so Expensive

It is. Construction is expensive and many people you talk to are going to remind you of this. There is a huge amount of materials and manpower that goes into it and that adds up so quickly. All those people that walk into your house need to get paid just as you do when you go to your job. But think of it this way, say you paid $700,000 for your house and you want to redo your kitchen. A kitchen’s value in an overall home is around 15%, so your kitchen is worth $105,000. Your house is also more than likely your biggest asset, so you want to treat it with the utmost care. When a loved one gets a sick, you want to find the best doctors to take care of them and to avoid future sickness down the line. When your house needs repair, you want to find the best workers to take care of it and avoid future construction down the line.