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Construction is Hard

Hello, my name is Dennis and this is my first blog post. I want to start adding some blogs to my website so you can get a little more insight into who I am. Construction is hard. It’s expensive, it’s disruptive, it’s dirty. At the beginning of the project you are going to say oh I am so excited for this renovation! Then I am going to Demo your home and you are going to think oh no what have I done. There are going to be many construction workers in your house and you are going to think who are these strangers?! They are never strangers to me, I hire nothing but the best in construction and although these guys might look intimidating I promise you they are incredibly talented as well as kind, considerate individuals who I have known and trusted for years. I invite them all in my own home and with my own family. I don’t give my customers anything that I wouldn’t do for myself. Around ¾ of the way through the project you are going to feel like my daughter feels here, over it. In construction almost done can look like far from done to someone who is not familiar with construction. But then all of a sudden it will be done and you will be so happy. I get the best guys, I am extremely detail oriented and demand the best out of my subs, I watch over every aspect of the job to make sure it is the highest of quality. If something is wrong, it will get fixed. I pride myself on honesty and integrity and encourage anyone who is considering SHAPEUP to ask around about me to people in the neighborhood or my clients or find mutual friends on Facebook. Construction is Hard but that’s for me to worry about, all you need to do is trust in me to take care of it.