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Running out of Time

This one was a nail biter. First off, you walk into Jill and Eric’s place and know exactly why they bought it. Ocean views for days, every room, with a balcony on Shore Road in Long Beach. Beautiful! I was so excited to do this project. But their closing kept getting delayed which is a problem because they had a firm move out date of May 19th. They had to get into their place. However by the time they closed, I only had 3 weeks to do a project that I had anticipated taking up to 5 weeks. I just doubled down on man power and worked nonstop. It wasn’t to say we weren’t worried because it was getting cut close for sure. Also, in construction almost done often looks like not close to done since the jobs really only close up in the last day. Even my own wife who came by to check it out two days before move in day was nervous for me. She was like are you sure?  But I knew I could I make it happen. I’m so grateful for the great team of guys I can lean on in a pinch. I’m also grateful to Jill and Eric who trusted in me with their beautiful home renovation and to make good on my promise to get them in on Move In Day. They are in on time, enjoying that view – whew!