A Golden Touch

A Golden Touch Meryl wanted a complete kitchen renovation and she is my kind of customer. Detail oriented. She pays attention to all of the aspects of the project and makes sure everything ties together perfectly. They way her gold handles tie into the gold on the granite she picked was absolutely beautiful. She had […]

Running Out of Time

Running out of Time This one was a nail biter. First off, you walk into Jill and Eric’s place and know exactly why they bought it. Ocean views for days, every room, with a balcony on Shore Road in Long Beach. Beautiful! I was so excited to do this project. But their closing kept getting […]

SHAPEUP? Please don’t tell me I have to do squats

SHAPEUP? Please don’t tell me I have to do squats No squats. SHAPEUP is an old term we use in the Union. When you Shapeup a job it means you are getting construction workers. That’s what Contracting is all about. Shape up also means to be better and that’s what I’m all about.

I don’t know how to pick out tile

I don’t know how to pick out tile I do! And I know other people that do too. Designing a home improvement project can be overwhelming especially if well, you’re not a designer. People walk into my house and will say wow, this house is beautiful and has a woman’s touch. My wife will say, […]

I’m just gonna go with the cheapest guy

I’m just gonna go with the cheapest guy Any time you pick the cheapest anything, how does that turn out for you? A cheap hotel, cheap meal, cheap shoes. You would never say I’m just going to go with the cheapest doctor. While budgets are real and you want to stay with what you can […]

Can I get a breakdown?

Can I get a breakdown? What I have come to understand with this question is that most people are looking for ways they can scale back to make the project more affordable for them. This I completely understand and always feel free to ask me how you can get your price lowered by scaling back […]

Time you can’t get back

Time you can’t get back Recently, I started to take a look at the meaning of time. My time, my family time, my work time and my customer’s time. It is why I start first conversations and estimates over the phone. So we can make sure we are all on the same page before we […]

A Cold Shower

A Cold Shower When you turn on the shower do you reach in under the shower head, turn it on then jump out of the way to avoid the water while it warms up. Did you know that this is a completely unnecessary dance that most of us do every morning? The plumbing and electric […]

My Spouse said…

My Spouse said… I don’t get dinner started without consulting with my wife about what she wants. Why, well because she’s having dinner too and I don’t want to go through the trouble of making steak if she wants tacos. It’s important that whoever your go to person is whether it’s a spouse, a parent, […]

When can you get out here?

When can you get out here? It’s not usually necessary at first. If I know what you want and have a few pictures. I can get you a really close estimate before we even meet. All it takes is a phone conversation to discuss your project, why you want to do it, when you want […]