While you’re here

While you’re here While you’re here can you…help me with some other stuff. The answer is yes, we can absolutely help you with any of your construction needs. It will just cost extra. It will also take more time. So while yes, we are able to help with anything in construction. It is best if […]

I got a guy

I got a guy I got a guy to do the plumbing, my brother in law is a general contractor, what if I demo myself, I found a kitchen installer in Flushing. To that I say, awesome. But then you probably don’t need me. It is important for me to run the entire job. I […]

What does it cost?

What does it cost? Check my website. I put the pricing right on there. That’s really what we all want to know right? If I am ripping out your kitchen/bathroom and completely replacing it. The process and the cost is really the same every time. Often times people will say well my bathroom is so […]

How can estimates have so much range?

How can estimates have so much range? Construction is no different than any other industry. All people/things are more/less expensive than others. That can always mean a few things. Quality often play a role. Same with efficiency. Also what is included in the estimate makes a big difference. Think of buying a car, take a […]

Are you going to run out on me?

Are you going to run out on me? No. I can’t imagine me running anywhere. I live at 82 Nebraska Street, ring the doorbell my wife will have you up for wine. You will find me dropping my kids off at school, walking on the boardwalk, picking up bagels, at church on Sunday, catching some […]

Contractors are Crooks

Contractors are Crooks This is what people say to me when I tell them I’m a General Contractor. Before I was a General Contractor in Long Island, I ran Commercial Construction jobs in Manhattan as a Union Carpenter. Do you know what people said to me then? They’d say well Jesus was a Carpenter. I […]

It’s so Expensive

It’s so Expensive It is. Construction is expensive and many people you talk to are going to remind you of this. There is a huge amount of materials and manpower that goes into it and that adds up so quickly. All those people that walk into your house need to get paid just as you […]

Construction is Hard

Construction is Hard Hello, my name is Dennis and this is my first blog post. I want to start adding some blogs to my website so you can get a little more insight into who I am. Construction is hard. It’s expensive, it’s disruptive, it’s dirty. At the beginning of the project you are going […]